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Crypto Advertising To Be Allowed By Tech Giant Google From Next Month


The tech giant Google seems to now have finally decided to lift the ban set by it on the cryptocurrency ads, and this decision will be implemented by the next month, according to the reports. The company has declared that it will now be resuming the process to accept the crypto ads and this will help the regulated crypto exchanges significantly, when it comes to buying the ads through the platform of Google, particularly in countries like Japan and the US. The ban was announced earlier this year, in the month of March, as it was getting quite difficult to tell the difference between the legitimate and the fraudulent ones.

But the company has not lifted all the bans as it seems, as the company is still planning to reject all those ads that are actually loosely regulated, when it comes to the fundraising efforts, along with the ads for the crypto wallets in particular, according to the reports. But the decision taken by the company to lift the bans is quite sudden and surprising as well, and it is still highly unclear why such as decision is taken by the company at this point of time.

It seems that the company believes that the hype of the cryptocurrency over the digital currency values that are soaring significantly, along with the negative side effects of the same have died down. Another company, Facebook, has lifted the bans put by it on these similar ads, which were put at the start of this year. But just like Google, Facebook is also banning the ICOs and is also demanding the companies to fill a particular application, before allowing them to run the respective ads on the platform of the company. In case of the decision by Google, the company was not available to provide any further information.

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