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Bitcoin Cash Witnesses Increased Acceptance, Bitpay Partners With Dish Network And Flow

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters will be happy this week to see that there is an increase in the number of businesses accepting the BCH. This increase is said to be owing to Bitpay, the crypto-payment processing company. Reportedly, this week, Bitpay is supposed to announce some tactical joint ventures.

The foremost announcement comes from Dish, a subscription TV channel provider. After the partnership with Bitpay, Dish proclaimed on August 9, 2018, that the BCH will be accepted by the firm as a payment choice.

Further, Bitpay also announced a collaboration with So, users can utilize BCH for paying the international e-commerce platform. They can utilize 60+ types of payment options in about 200 countries. The company proclaimed that the BCH can be used for the payments of TV subscription services with Dish.

The latest facility is available for users after the company announced shifting from its previous payment processor to Bitpay. The latest partnership will let Dish customers use their BCH for payment of their monthly subscriptions. Users can also utilize this facility to avail pay-per-view movie events.

Another joint venture with Bitpay adding further mercantile approval to the BCH system is the company’s partnership with, an e-commerce platform. is spreading out its services that will allow the cryptocurrency payment processing through Bitpay.

On a similar note, Dish Network earlier announced that the company’s shares have jumped by 15%. This rise in shares was followed after the pay-TV company reported better-than-expected revenue. Raymond James, Analyst Ric Prentiss, asserted that the company’s earnings results are strong. The earlier reports stated that the company had lost about 192,000 of its Dish TV subscribers in its second quarter. It is proclaimed that it was somewhat better than Prentiss’ estimate of about 200,000 subscriber loss.

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