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Blockchain-Based Platform Reveals AI Chatbot To Help Students Succeed Critical Exams

The latest platform from Õpet uses artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to deal with the rising class divide in education. It will help students to get access to equal education prospect and unchain their full capability.

Õpet proclaimed that it is focused to address the puzzlement and nervousness that teenagers face after completion of their high school education. At the same time, the company wants to present numerous advanced revision techniques to assist these students to get the best ranking possible in crucial exams. The latest techniques will offer a broader range of choices when students are considering their initial steps.

The firm asserted that the educational platform will be digitally accessible to students at all time. It will offer a personalized learning experience for students at the time of their national examinations. For instance, the company highlighted GCSEs and A-levels exams. These exams are generally taken at the age of 16 and 18 in the U.K.

Powered by machine learning and AI, the company asserted that the latest chatbot will offer custom-made support to go well with the diverse learning speeds and techniques of individuals. While wealthier families can afford to spend in pricey private coaching classes for their kids, Õpet trusts that the latest chatbot will proffer the students with an efficient revision technique. At the same time, it will slash down the charges for the same up to 90–95%.

On a similar note, Bot M.D., creator of an AI chatbot app specially intended for doctors, announced that it has received funds of about $700,000. Y Combinator and Steve Blank have offered the initial fund for Bot M.D. that launched its AI chatbot app last month. The company asserted that the latest chatbot will work as an effective tool especially in regions where physicians and information might be in short supply.

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